New walk-in shower.

A linear drain characterises this shower set up with a built in tray sloping from each end towards the middle.
A frameless fixed glass panel allows for an uninterrupted view of the back wall showing off the fully tiled limestone surface and the simplicity of the fittings.

A ceiling mounted shower head allows for better functionality as the water spray radius expands more when falling from a higher point. The corner wire soap basket keeps everything tidy, much better than having bottles on the floor, the hand hose is useful for rinsing the area after use.

The thermostatic shower valve operates on the temperature whilst the two smaller stop valves independently operate the shower head and hand hose volumes.

Again, the white limestone helps bouncing mood lighting: all lights are switched on in this shot but the user can dimmer the different colours at pleasure to create different moods.

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New bespoke shower set up

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