Old vanity unit

The old vanity did not present itself as too shabby at first glance but until later after one would start familiarising with it and its materials that clearly showed wear and tear.

Soon a user would also feel the pan being somehow in the way as the 45 degree angled shape of the furniture eats into the floor space unnecessarily making circulation more difficult as one would almost always have to kind of circle around the pan.

Mirrors are often very useful and a clever usage can make the room feel a lot bigger than it actually is, however, too many mirrors can make the whole space feel busy and clattered because of too many reflections in the wrong place, exactly as it happened here.

Copyrights: H2O London

Old shower

A tired shower set up clearly showing poor design thinking as space is not properly exploited.
The sort of "bench" type box on the left of the shower cubicle could have been avoided altogether as it does not seem to have any real practical function related to showering, thus achieving a much larger shower area or at least this end of the cubicle could have been used as a storage space accessible from the outside.

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